Kennel Py�re�ntalon

The round house puppies have so far been 9 litters, 42 puppies. From here it is nice to continue...

The first litter was born on 29.6.2005. Father Jansagin Morris FIN & EST & RUS ESTV CH-05 dam Incipit Proxima FIN and N CH. The red male Arctic Sunrise "Arttu" living in Vantaa, the cream of male, Arctic Creme "Aatu" also lives in Vantaa. The black bitch, Arctic Night "Mini" lives at his father's Shan-Aran kennel in Kirkniemi and the red bitch, Arctic Sunset "Sunny" stayed at home to continue the family ..

Was born 3.4.3007. Red male, Bjarne Bamse "Leo" moved to Espoo. Black male Bjarne Bullet "Chang" living in Vantaa, the red bitch Bjarne Bella lives also in Vantaa, black bitch, Bjarne Brandy "Daisy" moved to Köyliö and the black bitch Bjarne Blackie "Pricken " stayed at home. Incipit Proxima and Cang Yin Shi Nan Zunge Tzung Le are the proud parents for this tough and joyful gang.

Sunny gave birth to three small Chows 29.5.2007. The red male, Crystal Caesar and the red bitch, Crystal Cherry are Sunny and Bamse, Ikäneidon Yksi Onni great result of a succesfull spring meeting.

Don-Dona litter:
Our speedylady Sunny was back on track and gave birth to six small Chows on October 5th 2008. The action-packed puppies are the spectacular result of the cooperation between the happy Sunny and the handsome Nero, Evans Kuusvuoren Blacklord. Girl power around the house with Pyöreän Talon Dona Delante "Madonna" who moved to Helsinki and the "Song Bird" Pyöreän Talon Dona Desiree "Donna" who moved to Espoo. "Heffalump" of the Pyöreän Talon , Dona Dalia 'Dona' found a loving home in Hämeenlinna and "dishrag" The Pyöreän Talon Dona Desiree stayed at home to Sunny mama's and grandma Proxy's dismay. The Boys 'Ray the Relaxed' alias The Pyöreän Talon Don Dude, nowadays simply "Repe" moved to loving "Hessula" in Lieto near Turku and the Pyöreän Talon Don Dos "Leevi " is spreading joy at Vantaa.

Elvis litter:
Aaron, a guy as great as Elvis and our own Moominmama Proxy added on March the 18th 2009 a new litter to the Pyöreän Talon collection. Pyöreän Talon Elvis's Lisa, "Elsa" settled in the woods of Vihti and Pyöreän Talon "Elvis's Marie", "Jadi" was given a great home at Lohja.

Forza litter:
Pyöreän Talon Bjarnen Blackie's "Pricken"and Blackpearl Jesse's puppies were born on November 7th 2009. The red Pyöreän Talon Forza Felix who pays attention to the calling name "Usko" lives in Raahe. Pyöreän Talon Forza Fawn alias Vinski went west, to Lieto near Turku . Pyöreän Talon Forza Frida flew north to Kuopio. Pyöreän Talon Forza Flora, "Lumi" lives in the Finnish capital Helsinki and the Pyöreän Talon Forza Fia joined Pyöreän Talon Dona Dalia to establish a balance of horror in Hämeenlinna.

G-teamp litter:
"Sunny", Pyöreän Talon Arctic Sunset slowed down a bit in december and Litai Kong Kismets Aarons Rod Aaron caught up with her enough to get Pyöreän Talon G-team litter started. The puppies were born on February 2nd 2010. The red male Pyöreän Talon G-Team Greatest, "Simba" is now the Lion King of Espoo. The little princess Pyöreän Talon G-team Gloria now obeys to the name of "Onni-Orvokki" (Fortune-Pansy) with a charming family in Helsinki. Pyöreän Talon G-team Grace went off to Grass Lake (Nurmijärvi) and G-team Geisha chases rabbits in Espoo. The city of Hämeenlinna, where nobody, especially not the plow car, were safe after Pyöreän Talon Forza Fia joined Pyöreän Talon Dona Dalia, now went into a state of shock as Pyöreän Talon G-team Glacier "Glara" settled in under the same roof to test and mannequin the fabulous Fabidog products.

Hipsulin litter:
Picture coming soon

Mörrin litter:
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